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Why More Adults Are Seeking Orthodontic Treatment

Recent studies reveal that more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment nowadays. According to an orthodontic survey, within just two years the number of adults who have actively acquired orthodontic treatment has increased from 75% to 80%. These treatments include a variety of ways to straighten teeth with the use of orthodontic tools such as clear aligners and lingual braces. While women 26-40 years of age are the majority among the adults who seek orthodontic treatments, the number of men who are seeking ways to improve their smile and self-confidence is considerably increasing.

It is quite amusing to see this change since there has been a lasting stigma associated with braces, as something only children and teenagers would wear. This trend where more adults are breaking the stigma and recognizing the benefits of orthodontic treatments is great to see. Following are some of the reasons as to why more adults are going to an orthodontist near you to seek treatment.

Improving self-confidence

We are in an era of needing to look our best at all times due to social media, coupled with a universal reinforcement to love ourselves. A person with a great level of self-confidence can conquer many things in this day and age.  Perhaps, this is one reason why more and more people are turning to orthodontic treatment in Stony Plain. Our teeth play a huge role in the way we look, and it is one of the things that can make a huge positive or negative impact on facial structure and appearance. A dentist is able to improve your smile, which is often directly connected to the first impression you give a potential employer, a love interest or even a stranger on the road. If there is something that you can do to improve yourself while enhancing your health and life, why not opt for it? That is exactly what orthodontic treatments do.

New and innovative orthodontic treatments

Over the past few decades, the orthodontic industry has improved dramatically due to new and innovative tools and treatment methods. For example, wearing bulky metal braces was the only way one could straighten their teeth before, and now there are state-of-the-art invisible aligners like Invisalign in Stony Plain. These do an amazing job when it comes to fixing many alignment issues without disrupting one’s everyday life and smile. There are also a variety of ceramic braces with brackets that resemble natural teeth that are quite discreet while being very effective for the wearer. These new tools and methods are definitely another reason that more adults are not afraid to seek orthodontic treatments nowadays.

Better awareness about dental hygiene

Last but not least, being more aware and informed about the importance of good oral health surely works as motivation for adults to be more actively engaged in seeking the help of an orthodontist. People normally used to go see a dentist only when they simply could not bear the pain of a decayed tooth after they tried using home remedies. Nowadays the concept of “prevention is better than cure” is more popular than going to the dentist as a last resort when it comes to a dental issue. It is a common occurrence now for someone who experiences difficulties like crooked teeth to see an orthodontist for orthodontic braces in Stony Plain without waiting till it is a great inconvenience on their everyday life. This evolution of adults taking better care of their dental hygiene and health should be encouraged and admired more as it will only continue to improve.