Orthodontic braces in Stony Plain

Food Recommended for Braces

The most common orthodontic treatment option is braces. While clear aligners such as Invisalign can be removed at any given moment, traditional braces will only be removed at the end of your treatment. Alternative options allow you to eat, drink and clean your teeth, but your dentist in Stony Plain will advise wearers of traditional braces to modify their diets to avoid damaging their hardware and teeth. You can find a list of different foods to avoid while wearing braces as well as recommended foods below.

The Foods You Should Avoid with Braces

If you are wearing braces in Stony Plain, then you will want to limit foods that are sticky, chewy, crunchy, and hard. Sugary foods should also be limited whenever possible. You will want to avoid biting into harder foods with your front teeth. It is all a matter of finding ways to incorporate food options in different ways. For example, if you want to eat vegetables, consider steaming them as this will soften them without stripping them of flavour. The same can be done with fruits as well like apples. Just pop them in the oven, sprinkle some cinnamon and bake them until they are soft and tasty. Your dentist in Stony Plain will guarantee that sacrificing certain foods while wearing braces is well worth it in the end.

If you are eating meat such as ribs, burgers, and steak, be sure to cut it into smaller pieces. As a rule of thumb, chew slowly and try smaller bites. The following are foods you should be wary of:

•    Hard or sticky chocolate

•    Granola bars

•    Bagels, French/Italian bread (i.e., crusty or hard rolls)

•    Beef jerky

•    Gum, taffy, caramels and licorice

•    Chips and hard pretzels

•    Raw vegetables and fruits (i.e., carrots, apples)

•    Corn on the cob

•    Popcorn

•    Whole nuts and seeds

•    Hard taco shells or pizza crust

•    Hard cookies, crackers, or croutons

The Foods Recommended for Orthodontic Braces in Stony Plain

Now that you are aware of the foods that could potentially damage your appliance, let us move onto the foods you can enjoy! After all, your braces journey should be a positive experience, and there are many other foods that you are free to eat. While you snack on a few of these soft and delicious food options, try to envision your future smile. The following are food/snack options you are free to eat:

•    Eggs

•    Soft-cooked chicken, meatballs, and lunch meat

•    Hot dogs, hamburgers, meatloaf

•    Fish without bones, tuna, and salmon

•    Crab and crab cakes

•    Beans, peas and steamed spinach

•    Noodle and pasta dishes (i.e., macaroni and cheese, ravioli and spaghetti)

•    Soft-cooked rice

•    Soft cheeses and yogurt

•    Sliced soft bread and muffins

•    Pancakes and biscuits

•    Flour tortillas, beans, and chili

•    Mashed potatoes and yams

•    Pudding and Jell-O

•    Creamy peanut butter and jelly

•    Soup

•    Cake, soft pie, soft cookies

•    Protein shakes

•    Fruit without pits: bananas, grapes, oranges, melons

•    Ice cream without nuts, milkshakes, smoothies

In cases where brackets and wires become loose, damaged, or require adjustment, your treatment time can lengthen–sometimes substantially. Although it can be challenging to follow a diet with numerous temporary restrictions, maintaining a healthy and nitrous diet is beneficial for your oral health, overall health, and orthodontic treatment. Chances are, the healthier you are, the more likely it is that your braces will achieve the results you have always desired. Interested in orthodontic braces in Stony Plain? Schedule a consultation at a dental clinic near you.

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