Exposing 8 Braces Myths

Most people dread the thought of getting braces. However, they have proven to be a very effective treatment for long-term changes in the position of your teeth. The overall goal is not only having a beautiful and aligned smile but also having better oral health.

If there are a few things making you wary of getting braces, keep in mind that they might not even be true! This is why you must ask a dentist near you about these things if they determine that you require braces. However, we have taken the time to expose eight of the most common myths about braces so that you can be better informed from the start.

  1. Having Braces Means You Can’t Play Sports

This is not true. After you get your braces at a dental clinic near you, you can comment on the fact that you play sports. They will be able to provide you with a fitted mouthguard. As long as you remember to use it during practice and at every game, you will be fine. Injuries can take place if you don’t use a mouthguard, as a hit during a game can cause your braces to injure your lips or cheeks.

  • Your Braces Are Going To Rust

Braces are made of stainless steel and, in other cases, titanium. These materials are known for their resistance and because they don’t rust. If you get your braces at Stony Plain, you can ask about the material from which they’re made of. We are sure they won’t rust, as they are specially designed to be placed in the humid environment that is the oral cavity.

  • Only Teens Benefit From Braces

On the contrary, adults are also eligible for braces. It’s never too late to head to the dentist near you and get evaluated for orthodontic treatment. If you need them, you’ll benefit from braces even if you’re an adult.

  • Any Dentist Can Offer Braces

This is another myth out there and it’s completely incorrect. A specialized dentist that has studied orthodontic treatment(s) should put your braces on and guide your treatment. This takes years of study. If you’re getting braces in Spruce Grove, you should make sure the professional treating you has training and experience in orthodontic treatment.

  • Your Teeth Will Be Perfectly Aligned Forever

While orthodontic treatment corrects the position of your teeth, teeth do have memory. Therefore, they will tend to revert back to their original positions. This is where retainers come in. It’s important that after your braces are removed at a dental clinic near you, you follow all instructions and wear your retainers consistently.

  • Wearing Double Rubber Bands Will Expedite The Process

This is another myth that you shouldn’t believe. Double rubber bands don’t make your teeth move faster. On the contrary, putting double bands might make your teeth move in the wrong direction. This will end in you having to wear your braces for an even longer period!

  • Rubber Bands Don’t Matter

Just like the prior myth, this is also not true. The rubber bands are an instrumental step in correcting your teeth. Therefore, after getting your braces in Stony Plain, you should always use the rubber bands as instructed. This is very important for successful treatment.

  • Playing An Instrument Is Not An Option

Wrong again. As any dentist near you will advise, you can continue to play your instrument or learn to play one if you’re interested. It might require some practice to get used to having the braces, but it’s not impossible. Don’t be afraid, you won’t have to quit your passion due to wearing braces.

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